[08/10/21] “Israelis who support government more likely to get third COVID vaccine dose.” Study on vaccine uptake and in political orientation at Haaretz.

[20/09/21] New paper by Hilla De-Leon on “What pushed Israel out of herd immunity? Modeling COVID-19 spread of Delta and Waning immunity”.

[05/08/21] To boost or not to boost? Commentary by Dvir on COVID-19 boosters in Nature News.

[27/07/21[ Great news today. We got the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) Research Grant!

[29/06/21] The first Digital Medicine Conference in Israel organised by Anthem Israel and chaired by the Dvir and Ron Shamir was held in Tel-Aviv.

[15/04/21] News & Views on extracting insights from heterogeneous tissues published in Nature Computer Science

[01/04/21] Welcome Ortal and Mahmoud on joining the lab as Master’s students.

[18/03/21[ An interview with Dvir on COVID-19 vaccinations was published in Nature News, and another one.

[11/02/21] New pre-print on real-world COVID-19 vaccination effectiveness. This publication was immediately featured in multiple media outlets, including Bloomberg, The Telegraph and many more.

[01/02/21] Fruitful collaboration with Rich Daneman from UCSD and Tom Arnold from UCSF on using single-cell RNA-seq to study CNS fibroblasts was published in Nature Neuroscience.

[27/10/20] New paper on Common Cold and COVID-19 published on Journal of Infection.

The paper was featured in Haaretz and Dvir also talked about it on a morning radio show.

[22/10/20] Dvir awarded the Andre Deloro Career Advancement Chair.

[01/10/20] Welcome to Dr. Tal Katz-Ezov who is joining the lab as our lab manager.

[07/06/20] Dvir awarded the Azrieli Faculty Fellowship.